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09:25pm 09/03/2005
  I don't have time to make anything this week. I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!!1!!!!eleven!!!!!  
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10:26pm 26/02/2005
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12:52am 18/02/2005
mood: giddy
So next Thursday's theme - tea party. I am ecstatic! Are you excited for my jelly roll? What kind of jelly would spark the most excitement in you? Raspberry? Blackberry? Hm? Tell me.

EDIT: Also...get a load of the new background.
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08:32pm 13/01/2005
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05:53pm 04/01/2005
  What the crap is the theme for this week, guys?  
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08:24pm 26/12/2004
mood: cheerful
I felt everyone should know that I just got this wonderful book.

Oh yes, Alton is my hero. It is so totally worth all three of my B&N gift cards.

I also had an idea for a club meeting after winter break. We could all start out with the same recipe and modify it. It would show everyone's individual flair. Yay or nay?
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10:14pm 13/12/2004
  I just have to say that this week's background is killer.  
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10:10pm 08/12/2004
  Next weeks theme is cookies, 'cause we need to do the holiday thing! And what do I have for that?! The cookie episode of Good Eats with Santa! Yay! Be excited. It makes me happy. So we can't forget to do the cookie sign up thingy tomorrow so we have everything we'll need next week.

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01:50am 06/12/2004
  I just need to say.....

And also, I've been changing the community's background image to correspond with the weekly theme. I hope you've noticed and think I'm brilliant.
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05:56pm 24/11/2004
  In case you missed it:

We were in the school paper!

Okay, so I altered it a little. Sue me.
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10:36pm 22/11/2004
mood: ecstatic
I know what I'm making for this week's meeting....mwahaha!!!!!
01:57pm 21/11/2004
  Would anyone be interested in watching food network shows during occasional club meetings? Like maybe, Good Eats?! I love that show...

I could bring tapes. Just an idea.

(I could bring the comfort foods episode of Unwrapped to this weeks meeting, it would even fit!)
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Crab Stuffed Mushrooms 
12:26am 12/11/2004
  This can be used for stuffing mushrooms, or if you lightly toast bread, spread this on top, and then toast it a little longer to make it get all warmed up and creamy creamy it's really good.

All you do is take
8oz cream cheese
1/4lb crab meat
1/2 tbsp horseradish
a few splashes of Worcestershire sauce
some salt
and chopped green onions or chives to taste

Mix it up in a bowl, then stuff your mushrooms, lightly sprinkle bread crumbs ontop and bake it at 350 degrees for about 10 minutes or until you think it's done enough.

I've only ever used a real recipt once for this, and so I'm not really sure if all of my measurements up there are correct, and that's why at the end I just said "splashes, some, to taste" you know. The only part that I'm positive about is the 8oz of cream cheese. I don't have it written down anywhere either, and you could play around with the recipe to make it however you want it. I don't like really measuring things out, so I tend to just guess and taste.

Probably I should've found out what's really in this before posting, but oh well.
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02:38pm 07/11/2004
  Hey there. Just a reminder that there is no meeting next Thursday due to lack of school. I know, this is a tragedy. We'll survive, though, I think.

Also, check out the new background. Mmmm....

Oh, hey, who would be interested in going out to dinner on Wednesday night, since the potluck thing is going to be a bit difficult this month? If yes, any suggestions restaurantwise?
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yay, makeover! 
03:55pm 30/10/2004
  Hey Amelia, love what you did to this place! It looks great.  
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04:23pm 27/10/2004
  vomiting pumpkin

Woohoo! Halloween week at the Culinary Club!

... someone had to post something...
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